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Sessions indicating a badge color are limited to the respective covered entity, industry or government groups.

6:45am-7:30am Charity Fun-Run/Walk (Check-in will begin at 6:30am) 
Location: Registration Desk, Lobby Level
Exhibit Hall Open
Location: Exhibit Hall C, Exhibition Level
7:00am-11:45am Registration Open
Location: Registration Desk, Lobby Level
Breakfast & Networking Opportunity
Location: Exhibit Hall C, Exhibition Level

(If you have a morning session on the Exhibition Level, please take breakfast to your session.)**
7:10am-8:25am 340B Lessons from the Field (Part 3)
Location: Washington 4/5, Exhibition Level

Covered entities use 340B vendors to support 340B compliance operations in different ways, and there are a variety of vendors in the 340B marketplace offering support services. This session is designed for covered entities to hear vendors’ perspectives and lessons learned from working with clients on 340B issues.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify key 340B challenges as it relates to compliance, operations, or oversight
  • List best practices for improving 340B compliance, operations, or oversight
  • Describe how to work with vendors to strengthen 340B compliance, operations, or oversight
  • Address effective integration of different vendors to ensure 340B compliance, operations, or oversight
  • Discuss vendor perspectives on current 340B policy developments
Jerry Buller, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Trellis Rx, LLC
Julia Davis, Vice President, Ponaman Healthcare Consulting
Leza Hassett, Director, Compliance & Regulatory Services, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
Jeff Wigfield, Outpatient Pharmacy Manager, North Memorial Health Care 
Tammy Zukowski, Senior Vice President, Hospital & Health System Services, Visante, Inc.
Shane Kelley, Director, Member Services, 340B Health (Moderator)
8:30am-9:45am Track One
340B Operations: Experiences from the Field

A) Making the Ceiling Price Website Work for You

Location: Marriott Ballroom, Lobby Level

The release of HRSA’s 340B ceiling price website on April 1, 2019, paved the way for increased transparency and accountability. During the first quarter, authorized users of covered entities became acquainted with the website and offered ideas about how to use it most effectively. In this session, 340B providers will discuss the ways they are employing the database to ensure they are being charged the correct amounts for 340B drugs. Additionally, this session will cover the appropriate steps to take when possible overcharges are discovered. We invite all covered entity individuals to learn about the website, which has and will continue to play a critical role in preserving program integrity.

Learning Objectives:
  • List the events that led to the launch of the ceiling price website
  • Discuss the website’s security features and their purpose in protecting pricing information
  • Outline the process for using the website’s features to effectively search for drugs
  • Identify other key sources of pricing information covered entities should consult in addition to website
  • Discuss the process for determining and reporting a possible overcharge 
Zach Ruege, Christ Community Health 
Christopher Trimbath, 340B Program Manager, ProMedica Health System
Steven Miller, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, 340B Health (Moderator)

Track Two
340B Policy & Compliance

A) Covered Entity and Manufacturer Collaboration in 340B Compliance Oversight
Location: Virginia Suite, Lobby Level

Has your organization ever received a formal letter of inquiry from a manufacturer and wondered why it was receiving such a letter? This session will aim to provide answers to that question, as a manufacturer representative will share their perspective on the internal process behind these inquiries. Panelists will share methods and key indicators manufacturers might look for when determining whether to initiate the formal inquiry process, as well as their suggestions for responding to inquiries.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss trends from a provider perspective regarding manufacturer inquiries
  • Describe reasons why manufacturers send covered entities inquiry letters
  • Identify best practices in responding to manufacturer inquiries
  • Review manufacturers’ 340B audit authority
Sabrina Aery, Director, Federal Executive Branch Strategy, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Emily Cook, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery (Moderator)

B) Preventing Diversion: Patient Definition Compliance (Covered Entities Only)        
Location: Thurgood Marshall South/West, Mezzanine Level

Every participating 340B covered entity must attest to continuous compliance with the 340B statute, guidance and regulations, including adherence to the definition of a 340B patient. Posted HRSA audit results continue to reveal a high number of covered entities with errors related to records of patient care and the location where the patient encounter occurred that result in an order or prescription for a covered outpatient drug. This session will focus on recommended practices and tips for clearly setting up your policies and procedures, installing information systems, and monitoring to ensure appropriate compliance with the current patient definition. Speakers will detail practices that have led to HRSA audit findings, how they addressed system corrections, methods they use to pinpoint the location where the prescription was issued, and how they continue to monitor the data and adjust to maintain compliance.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify at least two areas of risk that may result in an HRSA audit finding
  • Identify three recommended compliance practices for preventing diversion
  • Derive one area for improvement to implement in your facility
  • Evaluate methods of determining how well your information system ensures compliance with preventing diversion 
Stephen Bedell, 340B Analyst - Supply Chain, University of Virginia Medical Center
Kevin Jones, 340B Drug Pricing Program Director, Intermountain Healthcare
Amy Satterwhite, Pharmacy Operations Manager, Carolina Health Centers, Inc.
Jacob Simons, Pharmacy Business Administrator - 340B Program, University of Missouri Health Care
Greg Doggett, Vice President, Legal and Policy Counsel, 340B Health (Moderator)

Track Three
Clinical Best Practices

Using 340B Savings to Improve Patient Outcomes
Location: Wilson ABC, Mezzanine Level

Hear how hospitals are using their 340B savings to stretch scarce resources and provide critical services to their patients. This session will focus on examples of how covered entities have allocated their savings to support specific programs and services that have ultimately improved the health outcomes for their patients. Learn from your peers about strategies and opportunities to use 340B savings to improve patient outcomes and tell your 340B story.

Learning Objectives:
  • Evaluate how 340B savings can impact downstream patient outcomes
  • Describe examples of 340B-supported programs and services that have improved patient outcomes
  • Explain the value of being able to demonstrate the impact of 340B on your patient outcomes
  • Explain the value of telling lawmakers how your facility uses its 340B savings 
Sandra Durley, Senior Associate Director, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Clinical Assistant Professor, UIC College of Pharmacy
Rory Phillips, Director, Pharmacy and Respiratory Care, Southern Ohio Medical Center
Linda Tyler, Chief Pharmacy Office, University of Utah Health Care - Hospital and Clinics
Bharath Krishnamurthy, Senior Manager, Research, 340B Health (Moderator)

Small Group Discussions/Roundtables

A) CHC Expert Session 2: Strategies to Enhance the Value of Your Health Center 340B Pharmacy Program    
Location: Maryland Suite, Lobby Level

Consistent with congressional intent, the 340B drug pricing program brings value to patients and communities served by the nation’s health centers through increased access to comprehensive primary care services. This session will assist health centers in answering the call to good stewardship of the 340B program by defining value and discussing strategies for enhancing value for your patients and the communities served. Strategies discussed by our experts will include best practices and compliance in the following areas:

  • Clinic-administered drugs and devices;
  • Eligibility across the continuum of care; and
  • Using data to drive value to patients and the community. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Explain how comprehensive health center services meet the congressional intent of the 340B statute;
  • Develop operational strategies, policies and procedures, and tools that optimize value of 340B to patients and the community;
  • Explain steps to ensure 340B program compliance; and
  • Evaluate and implement data driven solutions for driving, measuring, and reporting the value the 340B drug pricing program brings to your patients and the communities your health center serves. 
Sabrina Allen, Senior Director of Pharmacy Services, Family Medicine Health Center Pharmacy
Matthew Bertsch, Director, Pharmacy, Sun Life Family Health Center
Michael Glomb, Partner, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP
Colleen Meiman, Senior Policy Advisor, National Association of Community Health Centers
Sue Veer, President and CEO, Carolina Health Centers, Inc. (Moderator)

B) Hospital Audit and Corrective Action Plan Roundtable Featuring 340B ACE/Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program Lead (Hospitals Only)  
Location: Washington 2, Exhibition Level

This roundtable is limited to hospitals only. Attendees will hear from hospitals that have been through a HRSA audit and developed a corrective action plan (CAP). Hospitals that have successfully challenged audit findings will share their perspective. The roundtable will provide an opportunity to discuss best practices in audit preparation, lessons learned from the audit experience, and CAP development. This roundtable also will feature Alexandra Williams, a 340B ACE/Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program Lead, who will share best practices from the field.

Learning Objectives:
  • List ways to improve your hospital’s audit readiness
  • Discuss leading practices in audit preparation
  • Identify ways to develop a corrective action plan
  • Describe options for responding to a final audit report 
Jason Mills, Pharmacy Supply Chain Manager, Medical University Hospital of South Carolina
Leah West, Pharmacy 340B Business Manager, Riverside Health System
Alexandra Williams, 340B ACE/Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program Lead
Amanda Nagrotsky, Legal Counsel, 340B Health (Moderator)
9:45am-10:45am Networking and Refreshment Break
Location: Exhibit Hall C, Exhibition Level
9:45am-10:45am Vendor Demo: Wellpartner (Covered Entities Only)        
Location: Roosevelt 1, Exhibition Level

Gaining Transparency into your 340B Program with Wellpartner’s

340B CLARITY 340B CLARITY™ is Wellpartner’s 100 percent transparent view into your 340B program. Through the CLARITY portal, covered entities can view data collected from all sources for analysis, report on 340B claims capture, evaluate overall program performance, run test audits, and help ensure maximum compliance. This demonstration will walk you through the features of Wellpartner’s fully integrated 340B program solution. Learn more about Wellpartner, strategic partner to drive 340B program value.

Derek Stearns, National Sales Executive, Wellpartner, a CVS Health Company
Vendor Demo: SUNRx (Covered Entities Only)        
Location: Roosevelt 2, Exhibition Level 

How Covered Entities Can Effectively Manage Uninsured Patient Costs 

Covered entities struggle everyday with uninsured and underinsured patients affording their medications. Learn strategies on providing patients with their medications, tackling readmission rates, and medication adherence challenges.
10:45am-11:30am Legislative Update
Location: Marriott Ballroom, Lobby Level

This session will provide attendees with an update on the political landscape in Washington, DC, including an examination of 340B proposals and other developing issues impacting the program.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss political landscape in Washington, D.C., related to 340B
  • Discuss legislative priorities on Capitol Hill pertaining to drug pricing other health care issues
  • Discuss what the remainder of 2019 will bring for the 340B program
Kathryn DiBitetto, Vice President, Government Relations, 340B Health (Moderator)
11:30am-11:45am Prize Drawings and Closing Remarks
Location: Marriott Ballroom, Lobby Level
11:45am Conference Adjourns