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Omnicell 340B
2625 Augustine Drive
Suite 301
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Since 1992, Omnicell has been committed to transforming the pharmacy care delivery model to dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs. Our intelligent infrastructure of connected systems supports operational efficiency and data visibility that is making pharmacy care safer and smarter, allowing pharmacists and clinicians to focus on higher-value, care-focused tasks. As a leader in medication management, we are delivering compelling technology comprised of robotics, hardware, software, insights, and expert services designed to help healthcare providers get the right drugs to the right patient at the right time within inpatient care settings. Now Omnicell has evolved to improve clinical and business outcomes beyond the acute care setting, extending the impact you can have on your patient’s continuum of care. Omnicell’s expanded portfolio of 340B and specialty pharmacy services are helping hospitals and health systems to optimize the cost savings associated with the 340B program, while leveraging specialty pharmacy to drive increased revenue. By focusing on reducing costs for one of the largest areas of hospital spend and increasing revenue through the rapidly growing specialty pharmacy space, we are uniquely positioned to help our hospital and health system partners maximize profit across all patient care settings.
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